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Our account details outside Namibia:
Account Holder: Childrens Camp Namibia
IBAN: CH56 0900 0000 6072 7093 6
Account No: 60-727093-6

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We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the sponsors who believe in this project and together with us, wish to give the children a wonderful life-long memory. Without  their support, the camp would not be possible.

Thank you for supporting the Childrens Camp Namibia!

A. Ochsner from Switzerland
Adventure Camping Hire and Sales cc Namibia
African Buffaloes BVB Fanclub Namibia
Andra Lisek from Germany
Anita and Georges Graf from Switzerland
Annelies Rüegg from Namibia
Ansa and Heino Hammann from Namibia
Antonella Langford, Resolve Account Collection Services from Namibia
Anuschka Coelho from Namibia
Bernhard Saneke from Germany
BVB Fanclub Namibia from Namibia
Campinig Hire Namibia from Namibia
Cecile Fischer from Switzerland
Cécile Renard from Namibia
Children's Home Namibia e.V. Deutschland from Germany
Cymot from Namibia
Danielle Rentsch from Switzerland
Dinapama Manufacturing & Supplies from Namibia
Dr. Roland Kägi from Switzerland
Eagle Steel Works from Namibia
Edgar and Andrea Strotz from Switzerland
Emed Rescue 24 from Namibia
Erdmute and Gerhard Engelmann from Germany
Eros Meat Market from Namibia
Evangelical Mission Church from Namibia
Frontline Event Hire from Namibia
Gabriela Dowling from Switzerland
Gisela Beth from Germany
Gisi Bruni from Namibia
Goethe-Zentrum from Namibia
Gondwana Care Trust Namibia from Namibia
Guido Dünki from Switzerland
Hanspeter Berchtold from Switzerland
Happy Shop Auas Valley from Namibia
Heidrun and Friedrich Mielke from Germany
Helene and Harry Berchtold from Switzerland
Helmut Joseph from Germany
Hilda Knauss from Namibia
Honorary Consul from Switzerland in Namibia
Hyman's Trailer Hire from Namibia
Ina Cramer from Namibia
Inkosana Travel from Switzerland
Irmela and Bruno Jordi from Namibia
Jürg Knobel from Switzerland
Kay and Marcel Egli from Namibia
Lake Oanob Resort (Helena and Christie Benade) from Namibia
Laurenz Wolf from Switzerland
Lida Cleaning Services from Namibia
Lions Club Windhoek Alte Feste from Namibia
Lisbeth and Hausi Burren from Switzerland
Lotti Moll from Switzerland
Ludwigsdorf Bottlestore from Namibia
Lydia Sommer from Switzerland
Maerua Superspar from Namibia
Marie-Louise Cadruvi from Switzerland
MDEE Shuttle Tours and Transfers from Namibia
Mette and Jan Lindberg from Denmark
Mike Engelmann from Germany
Mira and Ruedi Bertschi from Switzerland
MTC from Namibia
NG Kerk Windhoek Oos from Namibia
Orange IT Solutions (OITS)  from Namibia
Organic Box from Namibia
Oryx Properties Limited  from Namibia
Patrizia Rentsch from Switzerland
Paul and Yaffa Maritz from the USA
Paul Hauser from Switzerland
Pia and Fredi Witschi from Switzerland
Preetha Padayache from Namibia
Prisca Aerne from Switzerland
Prodens 32 from Germany
Raiffeisenbank Zürich Geschäftsstelle Kreuzplatz from Switzerland
Rainer Christian Mücke from Namibia
Raith Bakery from Namibia
Readi Bites Meat Market from Namibia
Rebekka Baur from Germany
Regina and Peter Lachmann from Germany
Rene Sturzenegger from Switzerland
Roger Gallati from Switzerland
Romina and Markus Räber from Switzerland
Sabine Aquilini from Switzerland
Sense of Africa from Namibia
Sense of Beauty from Namibia
Sepp Rüegg and Astrid Boos from Switzerland
Solitaire Country Lodge from Namibia
Sonja Roth from Switzerland
Sonja Schubert from Germany
Suna and Callie Schafer from Namibia
Susan McDonald from Switzerland
Thomas Gerhardt from Germany
Thor Sennlaub from Spain
Trudi Sturm from Austria
T-shirts and more from Namibia
Turipamwe Design from Namibia
Ursula Aerni from Switzerland
Vrena and Hanspeter Huber from Switzerland
Vreni Thoma from Switzerland
Windhoek High School from Namibia
Windhoek International School CAS Department from Namibia
Woermann Brock from Namibia
Yvonne Grossmann from Germany

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Our account details outside Namibia:

Account Holder: Childrens Camp Namibia
IBAN: CH56 0900 0000 6072 7093 6
Account No: 60-727093-6


Our account details for Namibia:
Account Holder: Childrens Camp Namibia
Bank: Bank Windhoek
Branch: 483 872
Account No: 3001 757 484
Type: Savings

Thank you for supporting the Childrens Camp Namibia!

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