Would you like to become part of the team for the Childrens Camp Namibia? We can assure you it is a wonderful experience to bring back a smile to the children’s faces, to see them laugh and experience their boundless joy; nobody's eyes remain dry when the kids give you a bear hug and thank you for the great time you gave them :)

To make the childrens camp a success, we need many volunteers to assist with the various activities during the day. As our funds are used for the kids, we unfortunately are unable to offer a salary for assistance to us but a child’s grateful smile at the end of the day will mean more to a volunteer than double pay!

We are wanting volunteers during the four days and also just for one day during specific activities such as the "safari walk" where we need more helpers to help us man all the stations.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to participate. Thank you :)


During the past years, we had many, many wonderful people who assisted and helped to make the camp a huge success for all the participating kids. It was a privilege getting  to know you, thank you for making it possible!

Brock University from Canada
Waterloo University from Canada
Elke Storm from Namibia
Ailly Nuuyoma from Namibia
Ashley Matthys from Namibia
Melandri Links from Namibia
Christa Louw from Namibia
Nina Louw from Namibia
Carmen Dreyer from Namibia
Anneke Kneppers from the Netherlands
Marlene Schadek from Germany
Theuns Folscher from Namibia
Anuschka Coelho from Namibia
Katja Storm from Namibia
Cedric Kirchner from Namibia
Klaudia Asino from Namibia
Carmen Boost from Namibia
Jennifer Deumbo from Namibia
Johanna Fehrens from Germany
Saima Fillemon from Namibia
Philipp Hartwig from Germany
Vanessa Muundjua from Namibia
Laura Pfeiffer from Germany
Ruth Tjituka from Namibia
Urikondjera Tjozongoro from Namibia
Vanasha Padayachee from New Zealand
Klara Widowski from Germany
Renate Grossmann from Germany
Tjiunomake Kangootui from Namibia
Albert Rupathi from Namibia
Hanspeter Berchtold from Switzerland
Gisela Bruni from Namibia
Fabiola Lachmann from Namibia
Ralf Speh from Namibia
Fernandus Kharigub from Namibia
Ulli Mai from Namibia
Taimi Nambahu from Namibia
Corinna Priebe from Namibia
Peter Schuppler from Namibia
Rico Lachmann from Germany
Elizabeth Vehana from Namibia
Saskia, Melanie, Wezi, Chris, Marianna, Charles, Varinia, Sarah, Bettina, Jennifer, Christine, Elisabeth, Ailin, Christa and Dion and their wonderful music group

and many many more...

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