In 2011 we came up with something different... join us at the soupkitchen in Okuryangava/Katutura where we brought Christmas gifts to some 150 kids and cooked for them every Sunday in December. It was very sad to see how terribly thin most of them were; you could literally see the hunger in their eyes. Samuel Kapepo has been running this soup kitchen for the past six years but it had to close for a month as he and his volunteers were physically exhausted due to the fact that the programme runs twice a week during the entire year!!!! A mammoth task and a wonderful project indeed and we very much hope, that we can keep up the good work that he and his team have been doing during the year.

Check out the gallery and you will understand why we could not let this opportunity pass and leave the kids without at least one proper meal per week for an entire month, especially not in December and on Christmas day! It was a most spontaneous project and I cannot offer enough thanks to all the helpers who volunteered their help to us without hesitation for five Sundays running:)