This is what the daily programme will look like:

Alreday the day starts on a high note with the open air double decker bus from Windhoek City Tours picking up the children

  • Introduction
  • Sing-along
  • Create name tags
  • "Safari Walk" (orientation with tasks)
  • Lunch break
  • Indoor activities, such as "paint your T-shirt", "create your picture frame", etc.
  • Outdoor activities, such as Jumping Castle, Jungle Gym, etc.
  • Cleaning up

and the day will also end on a high when, again, the open air double decker bus from Windhoek City Tours takes the kids back home.


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A picture will be taken from each child during the activities, printed out in colour and handed over before leaving :)
Each day some snacks like a fruit and an ice cream will be handed over to each child.

A lunch like bratwurst and broetchen, chips and a fruit will be prepared for everyone.

Each child can take a little "sweet package" back home as it is close to Christmas :)

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